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Q: If I think my staff needs to have a written warning, how is this usually handled by the Military Department?


Step I- Gather your documentation to support your decision to begin a write up. (Utilize your Disciplinary Checklist to check yourself! This enables you the supervisor to consider if you should continue to take disciplinary action.)

STEP II– If applicable discuss it with your Supervisor or HR to ensure they are aware and on board with your decision. (Utilize Pre-Staffing Form)

Step III -Consult with HR to review and ensure that you have all of your documentation completed professionally, accurately and according to the departments policies and procedures outlined for the department.  This is all done prior to issuing and or discussing this with your staff.

*Special Note– if HR discovers you have written an employee up without review this could result in you having to retract the written notice.

Q: If I check the box “written warning” on a Counseling Form, will this go into the employees permanent file the first time?

HR: YES! It will,  only after it’s been reviewed by the HR Director, Administrator and possibly the legal team depending upon the basis of the written warning.  If it’s determined that you the Supervisor created a clean write-up, according to the department’s policy this will be placed in the employees personnel file.  Please refer to (page 46) of your Policy Handbook for the Active life of a Written Notice (snippet below).

The active life of a Written Notice is dependent upon the type of offense for which it is issued and is measured by the period for which it is “active”, as itemized below:

  • Written Notice for a Group 1 offense is active for one year from its date of issuance to the employee.
  • A Written Notice for a Group 2 offense is active for two years from its date of issuance to the employee.
  • A Written Notice for a Group 3 offense is active for three years from its date of issuance to the employee. 
  • The active periods stated above may not be extended due to an employee’s absence.
  • Written Notices that are no longer active shall not be considered in an employee’s accumulation of Written Notices, or in determining the appropriate disciplinary action for a new offense.

Q: How will issuing my staff a written warning affect their evaluation?

HR: Employees who have received more than one disciplinary action, or a disciplinary action resulting in a suspension, within the period for which they are being rated, are not eligible for a merit increase.  (Policy Handbook pg.47)

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